Looking for something different and fun to do this Summer? Look no further than Cajun X Cables Wake Park, and it's right here in Lafayette!

Cable X Cables Lafayette
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Cajun X Cables Wake Park In Lafayette

Want to go skiing but don't have a boat? At Cajun X Cables, no boat no problem!

Located at 2211 Mills St. in Lafayette, Cajun X Cables Watersports is "Louisiana's first and only full-size cable wake park."

If you don't have your own gear, they have plenty on hand to rent.

Instead of being pulled on the water by a boat, Cajun X Cables uses a Sesitec 6 tower system to zip you around on the water on 22 acres (clockwise) of water.

They even have a special "First Timers Deal" that gets you or a guest "1 hour of riding and all rental gear needed" for only $30 (can only be redeemed once a season)!

cajun x cables water park
YouTube Via Phillip Smith
cable x cables watersports lafayette
YouTube Via Phillip Smith

Cajun X Cables is available for ages 10 and up, and you can even book the waterpark for group events and birthday parties.

From onlyinyourstate.com -

"The Sesitec 6 tower system will pull you in a designed pattern around the lake. Once you let go of the rope (or fall), you'll just swim to the shore and head back in line. You don't have to worry about boats or wildlife getting in your way... and we all know that feeling when you're in the water and something touches your leg."

There's even a volleyball court at Cajun X Cables.

Water Parks Louisiana
YouTube Via Phillip Smith


Opening day is coming up on June 1, 2022.

To learn more, check out cajunxcables.com or take a look at their Facebook page HERE.

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