The organizers of the benefit concert "Love For Laffy" sent out an official press release announcing the postponement of the event.

The show was supposed to be tonight at Warehouse 535 in Downtown Lafayette. Artists starting dropping out of the lineup over the past few days as things reportedly became unclear as to what this show was benefiting. Initially, the show was put together as a benefit for the victims of the Lafayette theater shooting. Apparently beneficiaries changed, causing some confusion.

From KATC -

 The money is going to the Red's Support Fund. The family has asked for anonymity. They don't want the name to be stated so we're going to honor that. Because it's not our place to say - Love for Lafayette PR spokesperson Caitlin Sonnier.


Here is the official statement from Love For Laffy about the postponement -

Dear Lafayette,In keeping with our intentions of doing something positive for the community that we call home, we have decided that the most responsible decision at this point is to postpone the benefit concert. After weeks of planning, countless hours, talents, resources and funds invested by many in the community, there continues to be an air of confusion surround this project.As an organization founded with nothing more than spreading our love and passion for Lafayette, and fostering positivity within the community, we have decided to "press pause" - allowing all of us involved time to re-evaluate, and decide on a better, more positive way forward.We feel and know it is our responsibility and duty decide how to best utilize the above mentioned resources to make the ultimate end result of this effort a positive one for all of those involved. 

We will be reaching out individually to all those involved - the bands, the fans, the supporters, the benefactors, and the community.  We are committed to take the time and put forth the effort to do so.

This was not an easy project to coordinate, and it was not an easy decision to make. We

We thank you for all of your support. And we ask that the community that we we love can allow us the time to to fully evaluate and begin the process of moving forward.

Any questions, comments, or concerns should be emailed to  We will be responding to all communications as quickly as we are able to.

The LOVE for LAFFY Team"