BATON ROUGE, La. (KPEL News) - Recently, Detroit Mercy star player Antoine Davis came within 4 points of breaking LSU legend Pete Maravich's hallowed NCAA scoring record of 3,667 points but fell short.

Many people wondered if Davis would get another chance to break the record by getting an invite to one of the college basketball tournaments that allow many teams to continue their seasons if they do not make it to the NCAA Tournament. But Detroit Mercy, who finished the season with a losing record of 14-19 was not picked by any tournament to play. That did not sit well with Davis.

Those comments are not sitting well with many people, especially supporters of Pistol Pete and his family. His oldest son, Jaeson, says “I couldn’t be more proud of all of the fans" and was disgusted by Davis' comments.

“He had all of the time in the world to break it and couldn’t do it," said Jaeson Maravich to Louisiana Radio Network. "He’s talking about how he feels cheated, I think it’s a terrible look, I really do...He’s had all of the advantages."

Pete Maravich, Wikipedia Public Domain
Pete Maravich, Wikipedia Public Domain

Here are some of those "advantages:"

  • Davis played in 61 more games than Maravich.
  • Davis played 5 seasons with one of them due to getting an extra year because of the COVID pandemic; Maravich only played 3 seasons.
  • Davis played in conference tournaments; there were no conference tournaments when Maravich played.
  • Davis has been able to utilize the 3-point line; there was no 3-point line when Maravich played.
  • Davis has been able to play with a shot clock; there was no shot clock when Maravich played.

Despite Maravich's last collegiate game being played in 1970, he still has many fans who love to keep his legendary memory alive.

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