I'm not a fan of Seth McFarlane. I find his "humor," especially in "Family Guy" and his other TV productions, to be tasteless and offensive. His stint as host of the Academy Awards was no departure from his usual antics.

It would seem that some lawmakers agree, accusing MacFarlane of sexism and insensitivity. Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal and Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, who lead the Legislature's women's caucus, sent a letter to Academy President Hawk Koch earlier this week, asking that they use better judgment in the future.

“There was a disturbing theme about violence against women being acceptable and funny," the lawmakers wrote. "From topical jabs about domestic violence to singing about 'boobs' during a film's rape scene, Seth MacFarlane crossed the line from humor to misogyny." They added, “This should be a celebration of artists in the filmmaking industry, not an offensive display of disrespect toward women that sets the fight for gender equality, dignity, and respect back decades.”

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