Last night, we lost one of the brave police officers serving our community. Here's what our mayor had to say.

Around 8:00 PM last night, SPD officer and recent academy graduate Chat’eri Payne was shot and killed on her way into work. At the scene, more than 50 police units, Police Chief Ben Raymond, and Shreveport mayor Adrian Perkins.

I can hardly imagine what was going on in the minds off everyone at that scene, particularly our new mayor. Perkins, who was sworn in as mayor of Shreveport less than two weeks ago, found himself in the center of the most heartbreaking scene imaginable.

One of our brave police officers had fallen, and now our city has to rally around her, her family, and every single police officer that works tirelessly to keep our community safe and make it the very best it can be.

Below, you'll find Adrian's touching statement, which is exactly what I feel our community needs to hear from it's leader.



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