Mel's Diner, located at 2956 Johnston Street in Lafayette, is the most iconic after-party spot in the Acadiana area. The food is legendary and servers like Tat, April, Annette and others are local celebrities.

After back-to-back hurricanes, a pandemic and a kitchen fire, Mel's Diner on Johnston closed. You could almost hear the collective gasp of disbelief from the Acadiana Community. How could Mel's close? Good news! Mel's is starting to look like Mel's again!

The renovations have been slow but progress is being made. In January, Mel's should be open soon and the sound of Tat (one of the legendary waitresses) yelling over the after-hours crowd, "I got you ma baby" should be music to our ears once again.

The concrete is smooth again.

The walls are back up. (Bathroom area pictured)

Staff Photo

Kitchen Equipment is being installed.

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It won't be long until customers are walking through this door once again.

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Staff Photo

I heard it'll be January before Mel's opens. Some things had to be specially ordered. -Construction Worker


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Mel's nearly 3 months ago.

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The reopening of Mel's will represent so much more than just an average restaurant reopening. The reopening of Mel's on Johnston Street will personify a community that's getting back on its feet after months of uncertainty.

The day Mel's Diner on Johnston (the location in Broussard is open) opens will be a great symbol of hope for everyone in Acadiana that our area is getting back to normal. Good luck getting a seat on opening day!

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