The kickoff to a perfect meal is the appetizer. You've arrived at the restaurant hungry and the suspense of the main course is killing you, as you know that's going to take a while. What gets you over the pre-entrees wait? The appetizer! It's the Superman of restaurant anxiety. It comes quick, usually less expensive than the star meal and every now and then...the appetizer is all you need to get filled up.

Whether it's a first date, dinner with friends or family, some time alone with your significant other or just you in a restaurant for some downtime, the appetizer will set the mood for the whole event. You get to look around the restaurant to see who's there, you get to check out the efficiency of the waitstaff, the cleanliness and atmosphere of the restaurant or just daydream if you want to. All while having a snack, knowing not to get too full 'cause there's even something better coming to the table in minutes.

Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish Grill, Jacked Up Shrimp from Don's Seafood, Crab Cakes from Bon Temps Grill and Jumbo Lump Meat Crab Crepes from Mazen Grill were mentioned most.

Lafayette's Most Popular Appetizers and Where to Find Them

"Stuffed mushrooms at Fezzo's." -Deena M.

"Bang Bang Shrimp; Bonefish Grill." -Julie P.

"Rattlesnake bites & boneless wing combo @ Texas Road House." -Jason W.

"Nacho Supreme at Fat Pats." -Jane V

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Jacked Up Shrimp at Don's Seafood. -Kayren O.

"Bacon-wrapped dates at Pamplona." -Vivian N.

"Loaded cheese fries at Cafe Cottage." -Braxton M.

"Crab cakes @ Bonefish Grill." -Kim L

"Jalapeno bites at Acadiana Bar and Grill." Ravin E.

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Google Maps

Boudin Capital Egg Rolls, Fried Boudin Balls, Muffuletta Cheese Bread...Uncle T's Oyster Bar. -Nicole C.

"Fried rabbit at LaFonda." -Eric R.

"Tuna tartar from Stacy's." -Sue L.

"The crawfish cornbread at the Little Big Cup." - Wanda L.

'Pork Belly Sliders at Johnson's Boucaniere." -Gregory W.

"Seafood nachos at Trapps." -Sandy E.

"Central Dip at Central Pizza." -David D.

"Jacked up shrimp at Don's." -Monica H.

Bonefish Grill Launches New Menu With Celebrity Host Mario Lopez At Private Dockside Party And Cruise in Miami
Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Bonefish Grill

Bang Bang Shrimp. -Mindy G.

"Jumbo Lump Crab Crepe at Mazen Grill." -Nicole C.

"Crab cakes. Charlie G's" -Denise N

"Pulled Pork Fries Fat Pat's Bar and Grill!" -Marcus H.

"Crab dip at Riverfront Restaurant." -Nichole A.

"Spinach/artichoke dip w/fried eggplant wedges at Deano's." -Melody M.

"Crawfish Bisque Di @ Pizza Village-Kaliste Saloom." -Cindy H.

"Crawfish wonton dip and Hummus at Misfits in Broussard." -Dina L.

"Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish Grill." -Marroll A.

"Crab cakes at Dupuy's in Abbeville." -Ashlee R.

Mazen Grill, Facefook
Mazen Grill, Facefook

Marinated crab claws at Don's and Fried soft shell crab at Mazen. -Gale V.

"Crabmeat crepes at Mazen Grill." -Jodi W.

"Crab dip at Halfshell." -Shane L.

"Anything at LUNA! Can't go wrong." -Ashlee L.

"Lettuce wraps Bon Temps." -Michelle R.

Zea Rotisserie & Bar, Facebook
Zea Rotisserie & Bar, Facebook

Spinach and artichoke dip at Zea's. -Rebecca L.

"Petite Apollo or Galactic crab dip at Luna!!!! But everything is delicious there!!!!" -Christina B.

"Vestal Restaruant all of it! Everything on the menu! -Mona T.

"Fried crab claws at Rachael's." -Monica L.

"Fried Ravioli stuffed with cheese at DeanO's." -Charmaine Q.

"Fried green tomatoes at Social." -Sonia T.

"Boom Boom shrimp at Walk-Ons! -Claire L.

"Fried jalapenos at Hub City Diner." -Ryan P.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Bon Temps Rolls at Deano's. -Vanessa L.

"Eggplant Miso at Tsunami Sushi Lafayette!, Central Wings Central Pizza & Bar." -Jamie P.

"Bang bang shrimp @ Jane's." -Tracie B.

"Duck Empanadas at Zea's." -Tina D.

"Seafood Gumbo at Rachael's." -Stacey P.

"Truffle mac-n-cheese at Marcellos." -Melissa H.

Central Pizza, Facebook
Central Pizza, Facebook

Cheese curds at Central Pizza. -April F.

"Crab cakes at Bon Temps Grill." Stacey C.

"Voodoo rolls at Bosco's in Opelousas with the secret sauce." -Trish S.

"Corn and crab soup or seafood martini at Chef Roy's in Rayne." -Jenny H.

"Beef tartar at vestal." -Anne S.

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