There have been some high-profile guests join the Moon Griffon Show over the past few years.

Nationally-syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin, "mRNA vaccine trailblazer" Dr. Robert Malone and even the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump have each spoken with the "Voice of Louisiana" (or the "Mouth of the South" as I call him) on his statewide-syndicated talk show.

Moon Griffon
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Moon doesn't seek out much guests but there is one person that he has wanted to have on his show for a long time - U.S. Senator Dr. Rand Paul.

The Senator from Kentucky first caught my attention when he engaged in a 13-hour filibuster in response to the nomination of John Brennan as the Director of the CIA. Paul's concerns were in the Obama Administration's drone use and the potential for that happening in the United States.

Moon likes him because he's a fighter who will stand tough on issues he believes deserve a staunch voice.

On Tuesday's show, Moon welcomed Paul to discuss Paul's famed battles with Dr. Fauci over COVID mandates.

Also, being a physician, Dr. Paul gave his opinion on masks.

The problem with a mask for viral infections is viruses are very, very small," pointed out Paul. "The pores, the openings in a cloth mask are about a thousand times bigger than a virus...the virus just goes right through them and around them. People are going to look back on this and see this as one of the dumbest things that ever came about."

Harper's First Day - A Kindergartner Starts Elementary School During COVID-19 Pandemic
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Moon and Paul wrapped up the conversation with Paul linking COVID to climate alarmism, which links to the Unites States' handling of Russia and President Joe Biden's announcement to block Russian oil imports.

"We need to 'drill, baby, drill'," said Paul, who supports using our own resources instead of buying oil from Russia and other countries who have conflict with the U.S.

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