There will be a new kind of program coming to Vermilion Parish.  The school system has decided they will grow a new kind of summer school program.  They will be able to make this happen as they have received grant money from United Way of Acadiana.

The Vermilion Parish school district was given grant money in the amount of 25-thousand dollars to use for the program.  The goal of the project will be to allow kids a different kin of kindergarten class this summer.  The nonprofit agency's grant money will used to help about 30 kids over the summer months to better prepare for the first grade.

Ann Hardy, elementary supervisor for the Vermilion Parish school system, says the name of the program is, "Kindergarten Intervention Developing Successful Students" program.  The students that will be able to attend the class will be kindergarten students who have already received notice that they should be held back and repeat the grades or for kids who had difficulty just getting the minimum marks needed to be able to pass kindergarten and move on to the next grade.

This will be the second year that the program is being offered.