This Mardi Gras season the 'Newcomer's Parade' in St. Martinville was canceled due to safety concerns and now the City Council has taken steps to avoid future disputes. According to our news partner KATC City Attorney Allan Durand said a new city ordinance will help the council decide if a permit should be granted or revoked in coming years. This year's parade permit was revoked  because Police Chief Calder Hebert determined the city would need at least $200,000 for barricades and police security. A federal lawsuit was filed by the Newcomer's Club after the parade was cancelled but a judge ruled the permit was issued under ordinances that were unconstitutional.

From this time forward permits will be approved or rejected by the Police Chief who will determine what security measures are needed. The permit if granted will not cost the Newcomer's group if only the city's on-duty police and city-owned barricades are needed. If more barricades or police are needed the Newscomer's group will bear the costs.

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