So here is the information from one of the leading papers in the country and a news media outlet:

A new poll shows a majority of Americans are not happy with how President Obama is handling the economy.  Nearly three-quarters of the people surveyed in the NBC News-"Wall Street Journal" poll say the administration has dropped the ball on the economy, on improving oversight of Wall Street and the banks and on the federal budget deficit. 

Really?  Really?  They had to do a poll to figure this out!?!?  Come on, you may love President Obama, but if you can't see that the economy has tanked because of this President's policies then you need to wake up and move out of magic world.  You want just one great example of where he could have done a world of good more with the folks he has on board and his policies, here is this KPEL story:

Two members of Louisiana's Congressional delegation continue to be disappointed with the Obama Administration's handling of the oil and gas industry. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar proposed a five-year plan, selling 12 leases in the Gulf and three more off the coast of Alaska. Senator David Vitter says it's a good sign Salazar is proposing something, but calls it "a huge missed opportunity." Vitter says the new plan "eliminates vast resources" that should be available to the nation's energy producers. Congressman Charles Boustany calls the plan the bare minimum to better utilize our domestic energy resources.

If you can't see how many jobs, and what the economic impact of opening up drilling would be ( 44 billion dollars) then you are dreaming, and it is time for you to stop.  You need a huge dose of reality, and so does President Obama.  Can you imagine what would happen to the state of Louisiana if all these companies started hiring, big corporations, and small mom and pop's---the impact would be huge.

But in a world where the President is always right, he is too busy "dreaming and living in that magic world" to see the big picture.  What a darn shame Mr. President.