There is a showdown happening right now on social media over a new fee that is showing up on receipts at some local restaurants. We've decided not to single-out specific restaurants because the issue at hand is a real problem according to restaurant operators.

How do you feel about "non-cash payment" fees? A 4% fee at a specific restaurant was only added when the customer paid with a credit card.

Here is how it appeared on the receipt posted on Facebook:

*There is a 4% non-cash charge on all non cash payments*

I would imagine the reason is to offset the cost of credit and debit card transactions from the companies who issue the cards. Those fees can range from 3-5% each swipe or a flat fee per transaction. It's an interesting place to start the debate and you can jump in on the conversation below.

So what do you think about the fees? Are you a restaurant owner who is trying to remain profitable in the face of these processing fee increases? We want to hear your story. You can remain anonymous, but the ultimate goal is to examine both sides of this issue.


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