Animal activists are shocked as an Opelousas man will avoid jail time and will not be required to pay any fines after pleading guilty to Felony Cruelty to an Animal.

Jermaine Doucet was accused of torturing award-winning racehorse Dr. Drip. Humane Society of Louisiana Executive Director Jeff Dorson says the details of the crime highly disturbing. As a warning, the description is graphic.

“He had battery acid poured on his back. The veterinarian told me he has never heard of maggots eating flesh and bone. There were hundreds of maggots under Dr. Drip’s skin.”

Dr. Drip, the winner of the Magnolia Stakes, was found in June of 2017, in severe pain and malnourished while in an Opelousas field. Vets on scene determined that the horse’s condition was so poor that he needed to be put down immediately. Dorson called out St. Landry Judge Alonso Harris for what he says was dereliction.

“They are dismissing what the community wants. I just think they are corrupt. Who does this type of behavior and gets away with it. Elected officials allow it.”

Dorson says Animal Cruelty generally comes with a 1,000 to 5000 dollar fine, and one to ten years in jail. The animal rights activist says after two Bastrop men avoided jail time for slitting a dog’s throat on Snapchat, he’s concerned about a growing trend of under sentencing animal abusers in Louisiana.

“Something is going on and it is up to us, the community, the state, the citizens, the country. We have to mobilize and fight this indifference of our elected officials.”

Doucet will serve a one year suspended sentence.

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