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Pabst Labs is full of mad (and most likely, stoned) scientists.  They've made an agreement with Pabst Blue Ribbon to create a Cannabis-infused seltzer to make sure you finish off 2020 in the weirdest of ways - where legal, of course.

First and foremost, Pabst Labs is not the beer company founded in 1844 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that we all grew to love (and sometimes hate at the end of the night).  Think of Pabst Labs as the black ops outfit of the "Hard Seltzer" world, and Pabst Blue Ribbon has only officially lent its logo to the endeavor.  PBR sure has changed since they moved to California.

Secondly, when the label says "A different kind of buzz" - they mean completely different.  Currently, it's illegal to package alcohol and cannabis in the same product because who would do that?

Each can packs a 5 milligram THC punch.  If you down a 4-pack (a whopping $24 - see, I told you they changed since they went all west coast) it's reportedly twice the legal limit per cannabis serving in California.

Currently, this product is only available at dispensaries in the The Golden State.

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