Chef Pat Mould joined us in the NewsJunkie Cafe today to tell of his exploits at SXSW (South by South West) music festival in Austin, Texas and upcoming publicity for Acadiana food.  We noted that Chef Mould looked a little the worse for wear after a week in Austin. His response,

It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it.  The City of Lafayette and the state of Louisiana sent me up there to prepare a meal for about 425 of our closest friends in Austin, Texas.  There was a huge music showcase at the Blackheart Bar with a couple of bands from Lafayette including the Mercy Brothers and Brother Dege.  We got a lot of positive feedback.  SXSW is like Mardi Gras for music.

Chef Mould noted that Acadiana cuisine will soon be spotlighted in a national trade magazine.

Brian Miller is in town.  We've known each other since the late 80's....  He was the restaurant critic for the New York times for a number of years.  He's written for quite a few major publications.  He's down here working on a story for "Food Arts' magazine.

Mould gave us a glimpse of the article,

The working title for the article is 'Drive Thru Cajun'.  What Brian wanted to do was focus on the smaller communities surrounding Lafayette...We started at Best Stop in Scott yesterday and finished the day at Fezzo's.

Chef Mould said other stops will include Crowley, Jennings, Lake Arthur, Breaux Bridge and elsewhere.

To hear more about the "Drive Thru Cajun' tour and Pat Mould's adventures at SXSW listen to the interview:

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