America has been enthralled and horrified with the case of the 22 year old travel blogger Gabby Petitio and her cross country trip with her fiancé Brian Laundrie. After she was reported missing by her family, and Laundrie returned to Florida without her, the investigation was ramped up. Sleuths nationwide were doing their best to find Gabby. Sadly, remains were found in Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest on Sunday, and confirmed to be those of the 22 year old on Tuesday. Officials say the manner of death was homicide. Laundrie has not been seen in a week, and is now the object of a nationwide search.

After body-cam video surfaced of the couple being stopped by Moab, Utah police on August 12, even regular citizens were concerned for the safety of the 22 year old. And now video of the couple's white van has also surfaced from that same police stop, and it appears that the contents were in complete disarray. Which is the exact opposite of the glowing videos and Instagram photos the couple had been posting during their cross country trip. The Instagram account has since mysteriously disappeared.  You can see the official body-cam footage below, as well as video they uploaded and called "Van Life" on YouTube.

The couple had uploaded a video about their trip on August 19.


Police are still looking for Brian Laundrie, and a possible sighting of him on a trail cam was shared on social media  from Okaloosa Country, Florida. And for those of us who travel to the Florida panhandle, that is the same county that Ft. Walton Beach and Destin are in.



"America's Most Wanted" and "The Hunt With John Walsh" host John Walsh has vowed to do what he does best in this case - hunt down the bad guy. He will feature Brian Laundrie on his "In Pursuit With John Walsh" show on the Investigation Discovery Network on Wednesday, September 22, and has basically shredded the officials who let this guy slip through their fingers. You can see him lose his cool during an interview with Robin Roberts on ABC's "Good Morning America" show below. And just FYI, if there's anyone on the planet that I would want helping an investigation, it's John Walsh.



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