Do you love Raising Cane's Sauce? Dumb question, right?

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Raising Cane's is selling limited edition "Free Sauce" doubloons now through Mardi Gras day.

But, if you have to buy the doubloon, then how is it free?

That's because all of the money raised from the "Free Sauce" doubloons will be donated to Acadiana Symphony Orchestra!

Raising Cane's "Free Sauce" Mardi Gras doubloons are available at all Lafayette, New Iberia, Broussard and Opelousas locations.

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Raising Cane’s is celebrating its signature sauce being named the #1 Most Craveable Sauce.


Technomic asked consumers which sauce or condiment they find most craveable. Cane’s Sauce was voted #1, with a 20-point lead over second place.


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