Something as simple as refreshing your brand's logo can go a long way in refreshing the image of your brand in the minds of your consumers.

Jaci Russo, who joined "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning" for her weekly "Brand Buzz" segment, said it's important, though, not to lose your identity in the process of reimagining your logo. Kodak, for example, was able to update their logo while maintaining a sense of nostalgia, Russo said.

"They really found a way to embrace the new technologies and bring nostalgia that we all have for them for who they are and who they used to be in our lives forward into the digital age," Russo said. "But the thing I think that's so great is the way they've shared that visually with the community."

A caution, though. Russo said you must "evolve the look and feel" of your brand by updating and, in some cases, modernizing your font and style.

To listen to the full interview with Russo, click on the 'Play' button below.

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