Congressman Bill Cassidy KPEL photo

Yesterday, district 6 Congressman Dr. Bill Cassidy announced his plans to run against Senator Mary Landrieu in the upcoming 2014 race for Landrieu's senate seat. Today, Rep. Cassidy sat down with "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" to discuss the state of the nation as well as his plans for the upcoming senate race.

Rep. Cassidy was eager to discuss the highly controversial Obamacare bill which is coming upon its third anniversary this year. Cassidy recently wrote an editorial in the Washington Times discussing why he believes the healthcare bill is killing jobs.

People are taking fulltime employees and making them part time employees. The small business woman with 49 employees is not going to hire the 50th. This is an antijob growth agenda. That's part of the reason we're running.

Congressman Cassidy wasted no time in aligning opponent Senator Landrieu with the Obama Administration's agenda. Cassidy believes this agenda is counter to the values of Louisiana voters; a major motivating factor in Cassidy's decision to enter the Senate race.

I think for the last four years, most people in Louisiana feel like our country should be going in a different direction. And most people are fearful that if we continue in this direction our future is diminished. Frankly, this is a direction that President Obama and Senator Landrieu strongly endorse. They are the reasons it's happening. Most folks in Louisiana would like to go in a different direction.

Cassidy pointed out the importance of the upcoming senate elections in the nation's political landscape, reminding voters that these elections will determine control of the senate. Cassidy went as far to say,

The future of our country may rest upon how we in Louisiana view this election. It is an awesome responsibility, but isn't it great to be someone in Louisiana!

The district 6 Representative concedes that the race will be a tough one as incumbent Mary Landrieu has a history of great bipartisan support in Louisiana, granting her reelection for many years. Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu of New Orleans was first elected in 1996 and has been serving ever since. Still, Cassidy remains undaunted, believing his ability to represent Louisiana values will ultimately grant him success in 2014.

Clearly there is a machine that will support Senator Landrieu, and President Obama, the most powerful man in the world, will be firmly at her side, but I've found that if you work hard, if you present who you are to the Louisiana voter, then she or he will typically return their vote to you if you represent their values.

Cassidy says he's got nothing personal against Senator Landrieu, but understands that political races in Louisiana have a history of taking on contentious tones. When asked how he feels about the potential of being attacked in the media, Cassidy responded,

They may attack me, but I know the testimony of my life - my wife loves me, they will not deprive me of that testimony.

The senate race is only in it's infancy as many other potential candidate can still join the race.

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