The beleaguered cruise line industry was the latest example used on Jaci Russo's weekly "Brand Buzz" segment, this time to illustrate the need for branding when branding your business.

With the recent misfortune of Carnival Cruises, as well as Royal Caribbean's own mishaps, Royal Caribbean chose to take the national spotlight via the Tony Awards. Russo says Carnival missed out on a prime opportunity to showcase themselves.

"You've got a very well-educated, high-end demographic watching the Tony Awards...and all of a sudden they pull it full circle by talking about their Wow promotion because multiple Royal Caribbean lines have actual touring Broadway shows on the ship," Russo says. "So now, they not only tie it into that, but for three days following the Tony's, you can get these really great discounts on pricing.

"Perfect blend of time and place and offer...this promotion has a chance to really put Royal Caribbean back on the map where they should be."

Russo says any local business should pay attention to what's happening on the national scene, citing Angelina Jolie's announcement that she had a double mastectomy, for fear of breast cancer.

"Everybody in Lafayette that has anything to do with cancer or reconstructive surgeries should have been jumping on that," Russo says.

"Whenever there's a national news story that has any sort of bearing on their business or their non-profit organization, they need to take advantage of it," Russo says.

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