Yes, you read that right.  We have heard so much from the left on things that we need to do to make sure the earth is here for generations to come.  Now, the latest suggestion comes from a Dutch politician, who suggests that people need to relieve themselves when they take a shower.  He says that this would save a lot of the water that people use when they flush.

How absurd is this?  We already have toilets that don't flush properly because we are trying to save the earth.  Now we are supposed to do something that, if I remember right, we were all told not to do at a very early age.  Also, given that this is not exactly sanitary, someone please remind me not to plan any overseas trips to the Netherlands anytime soon.

This is one of those suggestions that will not be heeded by those that are more sensible.  Still, you have to think that there are all sorts of interesting people in the environmental movement.  We did hear a suggestion once that we all use one square of toilet paper in one instance (fortunately that turned out to be a joke).  This would almost follow in the footsteps of that, except that this was part of an actual project to conserve resources.

On the plus side, there will now be a run on cleaning supplies in the Netherlands.  Is there any way that we can make some money off of that?  More tub cleaner imported overseas. Who knows, it might even be good for the economy.