Last week it was announced that some 37,000 people in Louisiana were sent letters saying they could be removed from the rolls of Medicaid in the state because they made too much money.

Several audits have pointed out some issues with the benefits in the Medicaid program and who is getting benefits. These issues have been addressed.

Regarding the discovery of  37,000 people who may have been improperly receiving Medicaid, Dr. Rebekah Gee says when they received new computer software, it identified the people that were likely no longer eligible.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy says he wants answers as to how so many people were being covered when they were not eligible.

Kennedy is wanting the Louisiana Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera's office to find out exactly how much money was spent on these thousands of people.

He says he is not confident that taxpayers can recoup any of the money.

Dr. Gee says that the old system allowed people to self report their income. Now, income reporting is accomplished by checking the revenue rolls for the state under Workforce Development.

Kennedy says one example that really makes him question the operations of the Department of Health and Hospitals was an individual receiving Medicaid who actually makes $300,000.

Kennedy says he is unsure whether or not this system is actually going to work going forward.

Dr. Gee told Louisiana Radio Network that, "the Senator has been uncooperative in the past, refusing to return calls or talk to LDH after making previous accusations against the department."


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