In the latest data breach that we are learning about, close to 10 billion passwords have been exposed on the dark web via the RockYou2024 file release according to digital expert, Kim Komando. Komando says most people will see their passwords have been exposed.

Industry experts say this dump of password information includes old passwords and new passwords, so a variety of computer information analysts suggest that you do a checkup on your passwords.

Most of the industry experts are suggesting that people change their passwords. This data breach may allow for fraud, identity theft, etc. All of your information could become compromised.

According to PC World, this hack is even more significant because it allows hackers to take information to different platforms to see if they can further hack your information.

If you haven't changed your passwords for compromised accounts (especially after the big Ticketmaster breach in late May), or if you reuse passwords, you could become an easy victim of credential stuffing--which is when someone tries your leaked login info across the web, and sees what accounts they can get into.

So whether it's your own personal passwords for accounts or passwords used in your business, officials say you need to review your security protocol according to Cyber News.

Komando says there are a couple of sites that you can visit to see if your passwords have been compromised. One site is Leak Password Checker. Another site to check out your passwords on is

It's time to change your passwords and not use the same password on multiple accounts according to Komando. She adds that the browser's password manager can help to see when something has happened to your password.

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