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In parts of Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas, Bigfoot is serious business. Fouke, Arkansas is completely built around 'The Legend of Boggy Creek'. One of the big draws in Jefferson, Texas is the annual 'Texas Bigfoot Conference'. All throughout Louisiana there are folklore tales about rougarou and Bigfoot. However, our region isn't the only place where Bigfoot or his cousins have been spotted.

In fact, in Felton California, there's the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. The 400 square foot museum opened in 2004. The owner and founder was inspired to open the museum after he spotted the legendary creature in the woods. On Monday, one of the focal points of the museum - a 4 foot tall Bigfoot statue made out of a Redwood tree - was stolen. The statue, lovingly named 'Danny' due to its resemblance to famed actor Danny DeVito, was stolen while the owner stepped away from the museum.

Following the theft, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department issued an 'all points bulletin' for citizens to keep an eye out for Bigfoot. "Keep your eyes peeled for Bigfoot! No seriously, please be on the lookout for the Bigfoot statue that was stolen from the Bigfoot Museum in Felton this week," the department posted on its Facebook page.

The move clearly worked as the statue was found on the side of the road Thursday morning. Officers for the Scotts Valley Police Department received a suspicious persons call and when they arrived they "spotted Bigfoot", as they put it on their Facebook page.  Another wood carving of a bear that was stolen was also recovered. The woodcarving was a little banged up during the theft and recovery (it has a few scratches and chips), but it is back home at the museum.

While enthusiasts continue their search for the real Bigfoot, at Danny was found in one piece and returned home. It's always nice when a story has a happy ending. If you'd like to visit Danny, you can find details about the Bigfoot Discovery Center on their website. If you're not up for a California road trip, but still want to see some Bigfoot stuff. You can visit the Fouke Monster Mart in Fouke, Arkansas or sign up for the Jefferson Bigfoot Convention - which happens every October. You can also get some Christmas gear for the Bigfoot enthusiast in your life here.

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