Sylvester Graham of Connecticut didn't invent Graham Crackers, he just wanted people closer to God.

Graham thought a person could become physically ill from sex or any activity that could be considered sexual.  He thought sex was the root of all evil and destroying society.  Graham thought that a bland diet would curb the human desire for sex and sexual activity.  He believed strongly that society should engage in minimal activity involving anything that gave pleasure which included a vegetarian diet.  Sylvester Graham was also against alcohol consumption.

Graham believed that people should eat only bread made at home the way God intended and that would keep one healthy.  He preached this to everyone who would listen.  His movement became so popular his followers became known as Grahamites.  They, not Sylvester Graham, invented Graham flour, Graham crackers and Graham bread.    Graham himself was only the inspiration.

So the next time you eat a smore using Graham Crackers, remember, they were only inspired by Graham.  He did not invent Graham Crackers nor did he make a dime from them.




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