It takes a special kind of person to find a bigger meaning in something as trivial as a lego project...

But that is exactly what actor Terry Crews did following a lego project of a Star Wars TIE/Ln Starfighter.

In a post to the actor's Instagram, Crews posted a picture of himself posing alongside his recently built lego project, designed after a common fighter plane in the popular Star Wars saga.

Crews writes:

"ALL FINISHED! My @starwars@lego
TIE/Ln Starfighter is complete! I had a blast creating this!"

But, if you continue reading... Crews offers an in-depth analysis of life by comparing the human experience to that of a lego project...

Crews says:

"LEGO teaches me a lot about life. I’ve learned that we human beings are like legos— just because you are in pieces, does that mean you are broken? NO. You sometimes just have to disassemble and put all the parts back right again— and that takes time, perseverance, and a ton of patience. But if you never quit, you will achieve your goal. Remember— YOU ARE NOT BROKEN, YOU ARE JUST NOT FINISHED. KEEP BUILDING!"

"You are not broken, you are just not finished. Keep building."

A mantra to live by.

Terry Crews stars in the upcoming movie John Henry alongside Chris "Ludacris" Bridges.

He has also hosted shows like America's Got Talent and starred in movies like White Chicks.

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