Drinking more of this caffeinated beverage will help keep off the Christmas and holiday pounds.

Even people with iron wills and dedication to a health plan have trouble returning to healthy eating habits after the holidays. Leftovers call from the fridge and that little voice that's been saying 'Why bother until the new year?' is not so little anymore. Fox News says that scientists at the University of Illinois say that there is hope in the form of something everyone has at home even if they don't like to drink it: coffee.

The scientists found that rats given certain levels of caffeine while also eating more carbohydrates than proteins had a lower level of cholesterol and percentage of body fat than those given less caffeine. They believe that drinking four cups of coffee a day could help prevent weight gain for humans. Other caffeinated beverages like tea are also beneficial though do not contain as much caffeine as coffee. So if you're thinking of polishing off that last slice of Taunt Na Na's pecan pie, wash it down with a cup of coffee or two and no worries!

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