In this episode of "Get Well Acadiana," Dr. Kevin continues to explain the Keto diet and how it can be beneficial to you.

For those of you who suffer with diabetes, or know someone who does, Dr. Kevin explains how the Keto diet can be life-changing!

For those of you who are just looking to get healthy, Dr. Kevin explains the importance of doing Keto and fasting in cycles. In addition to explaining the benefits of Keto, he also cautions about the harmful effects of staying in Ketosis for too long.

Also in this episode, Dr. Kevin mentions his upcoming seminar on the topic - 8 Tips to the Keto Diet - scheduled for Wednesday, May 8.


Dr. Kevin addresses the diet craze that is sweeping the nation - the Keto diet.

He explains how to make the Keto diet - which he refers to as a lifestyle - work for you. He gives you tips on how to implement it, whether you are at home or eating out at a restaurant.

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