There have been three arrests made in the case of a noose that was found hanging at Westminster Christian Academy in St. Landry Parish.

Sheriff's Office spokesman Major Eddie Thibodeaux says detectives began investigating the incident on March 7th.

He says two juveniles and one 18-year-old, Judah Barber of Opelousas have been charged with,

“Public display of a noose on property of another or public place with intent to intimidate.”

The incident began after three black boys and three white boys were arguing on the baseball field. Thibodeaux says even though hanging the noose was meant as a joke, it is humiliating and hateful.

“It’s degrading to the persons involved. If this is a joke, it’s going to follow the kids for the rest of their lives.”

Thibodeaux says one of the juveniles involved performed well in school but made a very bad decision when participating in hanging the noose.

“We’ve got information that the kid involved scored high on his ACT, is an honor student but he made a bad choice and this thing is going to follow him for the rest of his life.”

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