It's one of those stories that captivated us from the moment that we heard it.  A boy shot by a neighborhood watch member.  Was it self defense?  Was it something else?  Who knows but George Zimmerman at this point?

These last several days, I have kept a distance from this story for a variety of reasons.  One of the largest reasons I have is for the simple reason that I do not know the truth of what happened.  I am in no position to pass judgment on anyone in this case because I was not there and have very few connections to the case.  Regardless, there are many in the media, Hollywood and the world of politics that have decided that they know exactly what happened.

From stories of Spike Lee tweeting what he thought was Mr. Zimmerman's address to Rosanne Barr doing the same with Mr. Zimmerman's parents to congressmen that put on a hoodie to support Trayvon Martin to many others, we hear how George Zimmerman should be put away for good.  We hear how he is no good and needs to be taken off the street, or worse.

In addition to all of that are the things that happen back and forth politically.  According to AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker, “conservative, right-wing policies that are to blame” for Trayvon Martin‘s death.  We have heard Joe Scarborough say that the right is politicizing Martin's death.  We have also seen a member of the Democratic National Committee show her support for Martin by having a "Hoodie Rally" to get out the vote.  Is anyone else troubled by all of this?

Hoodies are an article of clothing.  Nothing more or less.  I personally have a couple in my closet, but it is not to support anyone of any race, color or creed.  I use them to keep my head warm when the weather gets cold.  In addition, I can understand saying that this was a death that could have been avoided, but what I can't stand is the jump to conclusions.  It is not a time to step up and say that you know what happened when you live halfway across the country from where it happened and didn't know either of these people until the story came out.

It's time to take our time and sort out the facts from the fiction.  There has been plenty of both in this case and it's high time we let the police do the work they were meant to do.  If George Zimmerman is found to have done something he shouldn't have, then we let the law take care of it.  If he is found to be justified in his actions, then we move on to find ways to lessen the happening of things like this.  But ultimately, we as outsiders to the story have no right to pass judgment on those that do.  We can't decide we know when we clearly don't.  If our positions were reversed and we were in the middle of this, we would want the benefit of the doubt.  I believe it's an old concept, but it still seems reasonable today.  It's called innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.  Not guilty in the court of public opinion regardless of what really happened.