Trooper Stephen Hammons, Public Information Officer for Louisiana State Police I visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and stressed the importance of keeping roadways clear of obstructions.  We specifically asked Hammons about garbage cans left in a street or road after being emptied by sanitation workers.  Hammons replied,

The law classifies obstruction as blocking of a roadway or waterway by any means if you hinder traffic in any way.  There is even aggravated obstruction which is considered a felony.  Aggravated obstruction would be obstruction that endangers the life of someone.

We also asked Trooper Hammons about DWI laws being enforced on waterways and he said State Police don't actively patrol waterways but in the event of an accident or fatality where impairment was suspected then they would investigate the incident.  We learned a couple of other things about DWI laws from Hammons.

According to Hammons, You can be arrested for DWI on private property even if you're not driving a car.  You could be operating a lawn mower or golf cart...but you can't be ticketed for DWI while riding a horse because a horse has a mind of his own.

Trooper Hammons had a lot more information about DWI laws, golf carts and pot holes.  You can hear all of that and more in this interview: