I have a relatively small car, low to the ground and when vehicles with those bright, weird colored lights approach me from the rear, I can't see a thing.  How can these headlights be legal?

Last night I was trying to make a left turn onto Fieldspan from Duhon and a truck, one of those with the oversized tires, came up behind me and I couldn't see a thing because of overbearing weird colored headlights.  I actually put my hand over my rearview mirror so that I could try to see if I was clear to turn.

And you know what, I don't think drivers have them on bright.  I believe these new bionic LED blueish colored headlamps are just that bright on dim.

I'm not a sue-happy person, but I believe if those headlights, heaven forbid, should cause someone to get into a crash, the manufacturer of those bulbs should be liable.

In Louisiana, headlights cannot exceed 300-candle power.  New vehicle headlight technology far exceeds that in many cases especially in the DIY arena.

If you drive in Louisiana your vehicle, also, cannot display a red or green light visible from in front of the center.

I hope police start cracking down on vehicles with overpowered, colored headlights before someone gets in a serious crash.  Drive safely and be courteous to others.


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