Vermilionville is looking for a part-time groundskeeper (30 hours per week)

The groundskeeper is  responsible for overseeing Vermilionville's day-to-day vegetable garden and cash crop garden with the Horticulturalist. They are also responsible for conducting boat tours and giving presentations to visitors as needed. This position must arrive to work in period costume that is approved by the Curator. The job requires both office work and work in the gift shop itself.

Qualifications include:

Qualifications :

-Valid driver's license

-Crisis management abilities

-Physically able to perform water rescue if needed

-Must be able to lift 25 pounds above the head.

-Must have excellent customer interaction.

-Must be able to work outside in the various weather conditions of South Louisiana.

-Ability to speak French is a plus.

Official responsibilities include:

  • Plan, plant and maintain Vermilionville's vegetable and cash crop gardens.
  • Provide interpretation material in an interesting manner to guests from a variety of backgrounds and ages.
  • Material presented must be age appropriate.
  • Help prepare firewood during the spring and distribute to village staff during the winter.
  • Pilot wooden tour boat in Bayou Vermilion during the spring and fall seasons.
  • Prepare tour boat prior to each tour.
  • Outfit passengers with appropriate sized life jackets.Make sure that all passengers 16 and under wear their life jacket and that all other passengers have a life jacket in their possession.
  • Check water level on USGS website prior to departure. If weather is exceptionally hot and humid (above 85-degree heat index) and water levels are low enough, boat captain should place a canopy on boat. Canopy must be returned to its appropriate location after tour.
  • Secure boat and supplies after tour, including mooring, covering boat and returning life jackets to proper location.
  • Work with second in command on boat to ensure safety of visitors and vessel.
  • Assist the Boat Restoration Specialist with maintenance.
  • Assist MO Supervisors in village projects as needed.
  • Help MO Supervisors in preparation of Vermilionville's special event days.
  • Participate in tasks outside of regular scope during special event days.
  •  Attend staff meetings and training sessions.
  • Follow all policies and procedures in personnel manual.

To apply, send your resume to Jolie Johnson at