On Father's Day this past weekend, one man earned the title of "Manliest Dad in America", and there's a video to prove it.

Dad Fights Off Gunman While Holding Baby
YouTube Via Inside Edition


Man Holding Sleeping Baby Fights Off Gunman

A Detroit man wound up having what is sure to be the most memorable Father's Day of his life this past Sunday (06/19/22) as he fought off an armed assailant with one hand.

Why only one hand?

Oh, that's because he was holding his 7-month-old sleeping baby with his other hand.

The unlit cigarette casually dangling from his lip as he fights off the gunman is truly the icing on the cake.

All jokes aside, as you learn more details about this incident, it becomes absolutely terrifying.

According to abc7chicago.com, the incident appears to have begun outside of the gas station and after noticing the other man had a gun, the father holding his baby darted inside of the store to hide.

The gunman quickly followed, and that's where the surveillance footage begins.

Detroit Gunman Dad Holding Baby
YouTube Via Inside Edition

As the gunman walks inside the store, he grabs a clip of ammunition from his pants and loads his weapon. He then callously aims the gun at point-blank range at the father holding his 7-month-old baby.

Miraculously, either the gun jammed or the assailant's weapon was still on safety, allowing the victim to push the gun away and flee for cover with his baby.

From abc7chicago.com -

"The gun jamming or somehow malfunctioning is what may have saved this father's life and that of his young baby when Detroit police say a man tried to open fire on them inside a Valero gas station earlier this month."

The man nor his baby sustained any injuries.

According to abc7chicago.com to Detroit police took a person of interest into custody this past Tuesday (06/21/22).

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