Displaying Christmas trees upside down is a big trend this year, but what's going on behind the trend?

You might know someone who has an upside - down Christmas tree in their home (I know more than one) or your own tree might be upside down. This isn't a new trend, but it's become more popular this year. This has caused some people to attack the idea. Some critics say it's 'sacrilegious' and others say it's an 'assault on traditional Christmas values.' 

The truth is that displaying a Christmas tree upside - down is a very old practice dating back to the 12th century in Central and Eastern Europe. The upside - down tree represented Jesus becoming a man and also resembled Jesus crucified on the cross. The current trend seems to have more to do with finding a new way to decorate for Christmas and create more space in the home.

Artificial upside - down trees can be purchased online. Hanging a live tree upside down isn't a good idea since you can't water it and the weight could lead to damage to your ceiling.

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