It's a valid question for Christmas, so why not Halloween?

We're about to enter into what is known as the Halloween season. This is basically the entire month of October with the spooky holiday coming at the end of the month. For some however, the haunted decorations begin to go up before the October 1. In my neighborhood, we already have a few houses that are throwing up giant spiders, ghosts and strategically placed skeletons.

When do you decorate for Halloween?

There was one house on my block that hung ghosts from their trees over Labor Day weekend. I know they have kids so I'm sure they had a big part in making that happen. Others may wait until the first day of fall, which was earlier this week on September 23. I'm sure the jack-o-lanterns will be out in full force come next week with October's arrival.

A simple Google search reveals a timeline from Shuttefly. They suggest to decorate within the first two weeks of October, but it's OK to throw up some items in late September. A word of caution is given in regards to what kind of decorations are going up and how early they make their debut. It sounds like you should ease into the really scary stuff. Maybe the best timeline is to start with pumpkins and gourds at the start of fall, then work your spooky decor in little by little. By the time the big day arrives, you will be ready to go.

Do you have a timeline for decor?

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