Wingin' It Wednesday panelists Carol Ross and Warren Caudle joined Rob and Bernie on Acadiana's Morning News to discuss Donald Trump's controversial call for a ban on Muslims, expectations for Jay Dardenne's performance as Commissioner of Administration, and more.

The panelists were first asked their opinions on Donald Trump's polemical suggestion that all Muslims should be banned from entering the US.


Trump has turned the whole campaign upside down. He’s tapped into the feeling of anxiety of Americans because they’re so tired of the Republican party capitulating instead of actually standing up and negotiating. He’s all about the art of the deal and so he starts somewhere he knows we’ll never get. He has a qualifier 'until we can fix the vetting process.' The media picks up the most sensational part and doesn’t talk about his qualifier, and then he can come back and say they're sensationalizing what he’s saying. It’s the media doing what the media does. That’s a key factor of what’s going on here. Trump then uses that to his advantage for more interviews and exposure.


I think the people in this country really appreciate someone coming out and saying what they actually believe instead of a scripted thing written by consultants like Jindal or Obama and the rest of them. I’ve always been turned off by the term 'we are at war on terror.' There is no declaration of war, and if so, the rules of the game change. If you go back to any time we were really at war, WW I, WW II, did we just allow Germans to come into this country? Of course not. Before WW II there was a shipload of Jews in Miami trying to get asylum and Roosevelt turned them away and sent them back to Germany because Germans were not allowed to come here.

Click the image to hear the rest of the discussion, which includes Ross and Caudle's thoughts on Jay Dardenne's appointment as Commissioner of Administration and the denial of Pat Cooper's request for a second trial.

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