After a record-breaking Game 3 lead to a Dodgers victory, the Red Sox went into Game 4 hoping for redemption.

The odds looked slim after an error on the Red Sox drove the Dodgers ahead 4-0 in the bottom of the sixth.

That is until Red Sox Mitch Moreland took the plate in the top of the seventh.

Two men on base, with two outs on the board, Moreland took the first pitch by Dodger Ryan Madson and cracked it deep into right field for a Red Sox homer. This put the score at 4-3 with the Dodgers still pulling ahead.

Later in the game, after an exciting 9th inning, the Red Sox made a comeback propelling them into a 9-6 victory over the Dodgers defying a 4-0 deficit to start the game.

This win pushed their series lead to 3-1 over the Dodgers.

As the Red Sox lead with three, this leaves baseball fans wondering--will tonight be the end of the 2018 World Series, or will the Dodgers be able to pull off a win and stay in the game?

If the Red Sox win tonight, they will take the 2018 World Series title.

If the Dodgers pull off the win they will remain in the game and both teams will travel back to Fenway Park extending the Series at least until Tuesday.

The Dodgers have not won a World Series since 1988.

Ready for Game 5, both teams are set to take the field in Dodger Stadium tonight at 7:15 CST.

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