So now that we are a week removed from the Super Bowl and the deluge of ads that hit the airwaves, who was the advertiser that most benefited from spending all of that money for a commercial?  Jaci Russo stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home and told us that we just might be surprised.  Russo said,

Quite honestly...I don't want to have to say it.  Because if I say it, then all of the sudden people are going to think they should follow that path and I don't want that to be the world we live in.  But, no, hands down, without a doubt, the leading spot in terms of sales, truly turned into dollars invested and dollars earned...Go Daddy.

But what really drives success when it comes to these ads?  Is it in the most viewed ads? Is it what went viral?  Or is it sales?  Russo says that you really need all three to justify spending the amount of money it takes to put together an ad during the big game.

Still, there needs to be more factored in when you think about a successful ad in the Super Bowl.  The other thing to consider is that so many people made commercials, but so few are being talked about.  Russo brought up that only around 10 of the ads are being talked about and viewed again online consistently.

So what do you learn about branding from all of this?  Russo suggested,

How can you create an emotional connection?  First and foremost, don't be regular, don't be everyday, don't do the same thing everybody else is doing.  How can you do something that going to be different, impact people and cause them to want to be an advocate for you?

Listen to the entire conversation with Jaci Russo below: