Household Chemical Day will be Saturday, April 21 at the Cajun Field parking lot from 8 a.m. until noon. Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Environmental Quality Division and Allied Waste are sponsoring the event.

If you live in the city of Lafayette and the unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish, the event gives you a chance to safely and properly dispose of toxic household chemicals such as paint and poison.

Drivers’ licenses will be checked to verify residency.

“Household chemicals going into the garbage system present a safety issue for the public, and a potential environmental hazard,” according to Environmental Quality Manager Mark Pope.  “Chemicals can ignite in the garbage truck in a neighborhood, or in the landfill if they make it that far, and chemicals can also leak down into our drinking water source if they do make it into the landfill,” Pope said.

A complete listing of items that will be accepted, and not accepted, is available here. Information flyers are also available at Lafayette City Hall or at any Lafayette Public Library in the city of Lafayette, or call 291-8529 for more information.