Some people might not think about laughing when faced with devastation like we are experiencing, but, if you look closely enough, there are little things that will make  you giggle.

This first picture is of the street on which our engineer lives.  There are about 8 or 10 houses on his street that flooded, and this picture shows all of the debris resulting from the clean-up effort.

Photo by John Falcon

Among the trash on the right side of the road, our engineer, Matt, saw something that made him giggle.  He took a few shots of it for us:

Murphys Law/Photo by R Matt Gholston
Murphys Law/Photo by R Matt Gholston

From a leaky valve under the sink during cleanup to a much-needed tool that was packed away; from breaking light fixtures while removing baseboards to smashing a thumb and needing medical attention, Murphy is right!!

We got a good giggle out of this one!