With 124 registered sex offenders in Acadia Parish, the Sheriff's Office is suggesting that all parents do a check of their neighborhoods before they go out trick-or-treating with their kids.

“We do the best we can in making sure sex offenders live where they tell us, so it is crucial that our citizens visit our website to see who the registered sex offenders are and where they are living,” says Sheriff Wayne Melancon.

The sheriff's office also suggests using the website to check any addresses where their kids are planning to go that night. Melancon says, “The mapping and address feature found on the website pinpoints exactly where an offender lives.”  He says the site even lets you sign up for free automatic email alerts about sex offenders.

“If you aren’t planning on trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, but will be in a family or friend’s neighborhood, register their address beforehand so you know which houses to avoid.  You can register any and all of the addresses where your children spend a lot of time; for example, friend’s, grandparent’s or babysitter’s addresses” says Sheriff Melancon.

All the alerts that are sent in real time as soon as the information is updated.  Melancon adds, “the benefit of registering for this free confidential e-mail alert service is that it allows us to monitor your important addresses for you, thereby keeping you up to date of newly registered offenders and making it unnecessary for you to have to check your important addresses daily or even weekly.”

Sheriff Wayne Melancon says "Offender Watch" is the program they use check up on registered sex offenders.  He says the program is the leading sex offender management system in America.  Melancon adds,  “I firmly believe that the more educated and aware a community is of what and where the dangers lurk, the more success we have with our community notification program."

Sheriff Melancon hopes that everyone has a safe and fun Halloween.

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