Oh no ma'am, say it isn't so Batman, snakes should not be in a toilet used by humans. But no one told that to the large Gray Rat Snake having a jolly good time in the toilet of the Eufaula, Alabama Police Department on Friday.

Most people don't look in a toilet before they sit, maybe at a gas station, but usually not in their own homes or workplace. And if you do, you would expect to see water, not a huge grey, black and white snake curled up.

Eufaula Alabama Police Department, Facebook
Eufaula Alabama Police Department, Facebook

The Eufaula, Alabama day shift got quite a surprise when deputies discovered a Gray Rat Snake in a work restroom.

We never know from one day to the next what kind of call we will recieve during our shift. Today was no exception, however a snake in the toilet wasn’t on our list of possibilities. Day shift removed the unwelcomed visitor and released it to a more suitable habitat. The snake was a harmless Gray Rat Snake. -Eufaula, Alabama Police Department

One of the officers joked about the incident saying, "In the snake's defense, he was just trying to reach the homeowner about their car’s extended warranty".

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