U.S. Senator John Kennedy says in a press release that he has sent a letter to the United States Attorney General William Barr urging him not to release Allen Stanford and Bernie Madoff as part of any program to release non-violent offenders from prison because of the Coronavirus.

Millions of dollars were stolen from Acadiana investors who fell prey to a ponzi scheme by Allen Stanford. His victims were not isolated to Acadiana as there were victims all across the country to the tune of $5 billion dollars. R. Allen Stanford was convicted on 13 out of 14 counts including fraud, conspiracy obstruction and money laundering.

Stanford is still behind bars serving a 110-year prison sentence. Bernie Madoff. Madoff ran a ponzi scheme, and the same thing happened; million were lost by clients in a ponzi scheme that finally came crashing down. Madoff is still serving his 150 year prison sentence. Madoff is still said to have around $2 million. Crime was very lucrative for Madoff.

Kennedy says,

I respectfully urge you to deny any request for early release made by Robert Allen Stanford, Bernie Madoff, and others who chose to devastate innocent Americans with their fraudulent schemes.

Kennedy states in the press release that on March 26, AG Barr to allow non-violent offenders who might be susceptible to contracting Coronavirus to be eligible for early release. Kennedy points out that when Congress started this program, it was suppose to be for people who might be suffering from chronic illnesses or if they were advanced in age.

By clicking here, you can read the letter written by Kennedy and sent to Attorney General Barr.

Senator Kennedy also is requesting to have information about their crimes detailed if they are released.