As we approach the end of the global pandemic, we continue to hear of shortages in many industries.

The car rental business reports that there are fewer and fewer vehicles out there to rent, so some are now renting their OWN vehicles to those in need.

As a matter of fact, there is a new app that you can download onto your phone and it allows you to find personal vehicles up for rent.

The app is called "Turo" and it helps you locate people in your area that are willing to rent their car to you while in the city. One listener called the radio station and said this app came in very handy while out of town.


And as you may expect, as more and more people find out about this app, the requests for vehicles have sky-rocketed and many are now reporting that their vehicle(s) stays booked by those looking for transportation.

The rental car shortage is such a serious issue in some parts of the country some are resorting to renting moving trucks and vehicles to get around.

Now, with the Turo app, you have options. And please, when and if you do rent a vehicle, don't be this guy!


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