During a recent news segment, KPEL-FM's Bernadette Lee told the story of a skunk that got its head stuck in a container.

That got me thinking, What are skunks actually good for? What purpose do they serve in our ecological system?

Mosquitoes and skunks are two of those animals that I have long asked these questions about. Last week, I learned that mosquitoes "are very important in the ecological food chain as they serve as food for fish and for birds." That's according to smithsosonianmag.com, which also points out that "some species are important pollinators as well."

First off, when I Googled "skunk bucket on head" I found this happens with skunks a lot - whether it be buckets, containers, or soda and beer cans.

What Purpose Do Skunks Serve in the Environment?

What I also found was that, while skunks are seen as a nuisance, skunks are so much more than just smelly creatures who like to dig in the trash and dig up holes while looking for grubs. According to this wildlife website, they actually are helpful to farmers and landowners because they eat other pests such as field mice, moles, and insects. They also serve as prey for other animals. Skunks also help gardeners by spreading seeds and plants through their scat.

What If I Get Sprayed? How Do I Get The Skunk Stink Off Of Me?

When you were a kid, were you told that you would need to bathe in tomato sauce to get rid of the smell of skunk if you ever were sprayed by one? Well, that apparently does more to mask the smell than anything else, according to this Texas A&M article.

If you get "skunked," healthline.com has these suggestions that you should implement:

  • Immediately take a bath or shower
  • Wash your entire body with deodorant soap or a grease-cutting dish detergent.
  • Wash your hair with a shampoo made for oily hair.

It’s also recommended to soak in a baking-soda bath for 15 to 20 minutes:

  1. Pour 2 to 4 cups of baking soda into hot water.
  2. Rinse to remove the residue from your skin.

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