Since 2002, Artmosphere, in Downtown Lafayette, has been a great place for people to relax and enjoy live music and drinks. But, because it’s classified as a restaurant, the drink sales overtaking the food sales is causing quite a commotion and could possibly put Artmosphere out of business. Owner Berry Moody spoke with Tiffiany Decou, the “Lafayette Food Junkie,” and Chef Zack Doise of Phares’ Restaurant on this edition of “The Lafayette Food Junkie Show.”

“The Lafayette Food Junkie Show,” which has been airing from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. on Sunday nights here on Newstalk 96.5 KPEL, has given Lafayette and the Acadiana area its own show dedicated to the food we all love to enjoy and talk about since November of 2013!

“You have to have more food than alcohol sales if you have a restaurant license,” Moody told the crew. “Twelve years ago, we were advised to get a restaurant license because, in order for us to get a liquor license, it would depend on how they measured the distance from the church. And they did three different measurements and they had not yet interpreted which one they were going to use.”

Moody went on to say she was advised to not wait and to open the business with a restaurant license, so she did, even though she was worried she would have “to look over my shoulder” years down the line.

She also broke the news on the show that she now has an attorney helping her, who she says “has been fantastic and all over it,” and a bookkeeper, after trying to do all of that herself.

“We went through and plowed through all of our numbers, and it looks like, knowing the law better and knowing our books better, that we may actually, over this period that we’ve been audited, been making our percentage of food,” revealed Moody.

Moody went on to talk with the crew more about the ordinance issue and the new food menu, as well as their popular cheese plate.

To listen to Berry Moody’s interview with Tiffiany and Chef Zack, CLICK BELOW:

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