The City of Broussard is starting a new program to pay volunteer firemen a stipend for when they attend training and respond to emergencies.

There has been a nationwide decline in the amount of people volunteering to respond to fire emergencies, and they are hoping the stipend will help remedy that situation.

Broussard Fire Chief Bryan Champagne says,

"Firemen that are uncertified are paid 20.00 per incident. While a firemen that is certified FF1 is paid 23.00 per incident.  Once a firemen becomes FF2 certified they are increased to 25.00. which is the max a firemen can make. All Firemen are paid 15.00 per training. This program is designed to help with recruitment and retention. This will also help more volunteer firemen respond to emergencies."

The stipend is a way for the volunteer firemen to be reimbursed from expenses from being a volunteer firemen. They end of paying for fuel, emergency lights, equipment not issued and other items.

Mayor Charlie Langlinais says,

"The increase in personnel responding to calls will also help with our insurance rating. In addition, it will help prolong the time that we would need to staff stations in the evening and, we hope,  encourage personnel to volunteer."

Broussard Fire Department will be the first in the parish to offer this type of program.

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