One commuter in Plaquemines Parish had quite the scare this morning while crossing the Belle Chasse Bridge.

A person driving a car apparently struck a barrier that prevents vehicles from going into the water when the bridge is raised for boat traffic. As a result, two of the cables attached to the barrier snapped and fell on the car.

A local politician took to Facebook to show a couple of pictures he was able to snap of the incident.

Some onlookers reported that it was a male driving the vehicle and he was able to climb to the back to get out.

The man was then taken to a local hospital by ambulance. His condition is unknown as of this time.

The picture below was posted by Christen Roe and shows the significant damage to the car.

Christen Roe, Facebook
Christen Roe, Facebook

The bridge was closed for a period of time this morning, however, it is open now.

WWL-TV in New Orleans is reporting that there are still some repairs that need to be made:

The barrier needs a gear box to be fixed and to be reconstructed but while it is down, DOTD workers are physically blocking traffic from coming on the bridge when it has to be raised for passing boat traffic.

We'll continue to follow this story and provide updates when we get more information.

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