There's so much history behind this bridge.

The Huey P. Long Bridge in Baton Rouge was the first span across the mighty Mississippi in Louisiana.

The bridge opened to motorists in 1935 and it allows for both trains and automobiles to cross the river.

However, the construction of this bridge was deadly. According to the website Onlyinyourstate, several men fell to their death from this bridge when it was being constructed.

Their bodies were never pulled from the river the Mississippi River ultimately become their gravesite.

Still, some say that their spirits lurk around the project that they started on.

Others say that engineer behind this project in Baton Rouge, Ralph Modjeski, is still seen inspecting the bridge, he died in 1940.

So, is this bridge really haunted? Some who have been involved in accidents on this narrow bridge say that they were spooked by individuals on the bridge at the time of their accident.

Yes, some report that the spirits along the Huey P. Long Bridge have caused people to wreck while crossing the Mississippi River.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Onlyinyourstate also writes that a number of homeless people have been killed on the iconic Louisiana bridge and that their spirits are still seen crossing the river via the bridge.

Is this bridge really haunted? Perhaps we will have to see for ourselves one day, but one thing is certain, the Huey P. Long Bridge is scary.

So, the next time you cross this bridge, keep in mind that spirits could be nearby, and keep an eye out.

One more thing, if you've ever had a weird encounter or sighting on or under this bridge, please feel free to comment on it in the comment section. We are intrigued.


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